For ACMA as an advocacy force, this is a historic moment. We are no longer just along for the ride on legislation, we are now in the driver’s seat. And we are not pushing one composite solution, we are advocating for a paradigm shift in how this country handles infrastructure investment.

But the journey is far from over. To see the IMAGINE Act signed into law, or its major tenets integrated into a broader infrastructure package, we need to significantly increase support on Capitol Hill for these ideas.

In Washington, we have our marching orders. But we need the industry to act. ACMA is asking members to work with us to secure your Members of Congress as sponsors. Learn more by accessing ACMA’s Infrastructure Toolkit on the member portal for important resources including pre-drafted messaging to send to your Senators and Representatives, contact information for congressional offices representing your plant locations, and issues documents to aid you in your discussions about the IMAGINE Act.