Cleaner air
Wheels create turbulence. As they spin, they push disrupted air away from the vehicle. This increase drags and ultimately slows a car down. Not so with the Speedtail. It features lightweight carbon fiber front wheel aero covers incorporated into the 20” alloys. The covers do not rotate with the wheel but stay fixed in place. This creates a flat surface that smooths airflow. It keeps the passing air snug to the body of the car. And guides it towards the blades on the leading edge of the dihedral doors. This smooths the airflow so the Speedtail can pass through with minimum disruption.

Drama in the detail
The aerodynamic performance of the Speedtail is down to a design philosophy that encompasses the entire car. While some elements are visually striking – such as the elongated tail and static wheel covers – others are less obvious. But their role is just as vital. The vertical duct beneath each of the car’s LED headlights is one such innovation. Tucked discreetly away, they are particularly slender. And yet they have been meticulously tapered to feed enough air into the low-temperature radiators. All while still minimising drag. Some little wins. Some big. All mount up to the most aero-efficient McLaren to date.