The 15 m long 3D printed bridge made from resin and composite materials is in Taopu Zhichuang City Central Park in Shanghai

In a recent press lease Shanghai Construction Engineering pointed out that 3D printing is not only a new way of building, but also a subversion of traditional architectural patterns. The site is clean and tidy, and no dust and construction waste are generated. In addition to the reduction of labor costs and the improvement of civilized construction, the entire landscape bridge printing project took less than 40 days, and the intelligent construction helped cut down the time it took to complete the bridge.

The gantry composite 3D printing robot system developed by Shanghai Construction Engineering Machinery Group contributed to the successful completion of the first 3D landscape bridge in China. This system is mainly composed of a 3-axis gantry structure, a 6-axis high-precision industrial robot, and a high-speed extrusion device (CNC nozzle), allowing for more accurate and larger 3D printed structures. Shanghai Construction Engineering Machinery Group’s 3D printing equipment has reached the millimeter level with good stability. As a set of intelligent construction equipment, it can also integrate intelligent manufacturing and material addition in the later stages.

As an important research center of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, the Digital Construction 3D Construction Center will further research and promote 3D printing technology, making 3D printing more popular in the construction field and allowing intelligent construction and intelligent buildings to better serve urban construction.

SOURCE: Shanghai Construction Engineering