After graduating from high school, Scott headed southwest to Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, planning to major in chemistry and put the knowledge to use at Mar-Bal. “When I took physical chemistry my sophomore year, I realized it wasn’t my calling. I was getting A’s in economics and C’s in chemistry, so someone was trying to tell me something,” chuckles Scott. He switched to a business major.

During his senior year, Scott interned at IBM. Rather than head home to the family business after earning his bachelor’s degree, Scott forged a new path – something his parents strongly encouraged. He spent nine years with IBM in sales before joining Mar-Bal at age 30.

Working at IBM proved to be a good training ground, introducing Scott to concepts that he adheres to today as the leader of Mar-Bal. “The company had good processes in all areas – sales, engineering, customer service – and very good strategic planning,” he says. He learned from IBM executives how to structure a business, motivate employees and lead teams.

“Because it’s a technical field, I learned how to work with engineers in the same capacity you work with customers to solve problems,” he says. “Now I follow similar processes, although the needs of the customers are different.”

The Business Skyrockets

Under the leadership of the Balogh brothers and an outside advisory board the company instituted in the early 2000s, Mar-Bal has grown from its early mom-and-pop shop days with one press and a focus on survival. Today, the company has 500 employees in three molding plants across the U.S., plus a research and development center in the Cleveland area and a molding and compounding facility in China. Its core markets include electrical, appliances, automotive, oil and gas, and rail transportation.

“With Scott at the helm, Mar-Bal’s business has doubled in the last 10 years,” says Ron Poff, industry director and director of global marketing for the company. “A little of that is because of acquisitions, but the other part is vision, innovation, investment and people. Scott has surrounded himself with some very talented industry veterans.”

One of those veterans is Vince Profeta, who has served as vice president of product engineering and manufacturing technology at Mar-Bal for seven years. Profeta says Scott has “an innate ability to listen to people around him, size up situations and make sound decisions.” He recalls a scenario with a customer that highlights Scott’s decision-making skills and foresight.