Several years ago, Mar-Bal lost some business with a client. “It was a tough time, but Scott predicted we were going to get the business back,” says Profeta. “No one else believed him, but he foresaw that there was more to the business than the new supplier anticipated.” To prepare for the customer’s possible return, Scott purchased new equipment.

“When the equipment was placed on the plant floor, people thought Scott was crazy,” says Profeta. Crazy like a fox. This year, the client moved its business back to Mar-Bal. “We were ready to go,” says Profeta. “What initially sounded like a train wreck – spending money on new equipment – put us ahead of the curve.”

Pushing ACMA to New Heights

As ACMA’s chairman of the board, Scott will work to keep the association ahead of the curve, too. During his time on the board, he’s been active in public policy, serving as chair of ACMA’s Public Policy Steering Committee since its inception in 2016. In that role, Scott has advocated for the Innovative Materials for America’s Growth and Infrastructure Newly Expanded Act (IMAGINE Act) introduced in 2018 and pushed for development of standards for composites in infrastructure.

“A lot of innovation is occurring in infrastructure,” says Scott. “The momentum will not move forward until we build a standards encyclopedia for composites in roads and bridges.” His ability to advocate for composites on the national level was honed as a member – and most recently, chair – of the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA). As he wraps up his term as the OMA chair, he segues into the role at ACMA.

Steve is confident that Scott has the ideal attributes to lead ACMA – and those aren’t just the boastful sentiments of a kid brother. Steve served on the ACMA board from 2011 to 2014, so he knows what it takes. “Scott understands the motivations of other people, whether suppliers or fabricators, and can get everyone to move in the same direction and take action,” says Steve.

One of the priority areas for Scott is continuation of the association’s strong efforts in market growth, in particular the work of the Composites Growth Initiative (CGI) committees and the ever-expanding Composites Technology Days. This year, ACMA held several Tech Days at major OEMs in the automotive and aerospace industries. “There’s a real thirst for knowledge from large OEMs in terms of composites and composite materials,” says Scott. “That is very exciting!”