Conference Programming & Complimentary Education

The CAMX conference program is designed for industry professionals at all levels and backgrounds. Featured sessions cover trending hot topics in the industry, including sustainability, market growth, workforce training and consumer markets. During the Urban Air Mobility session, speaker Michael Dyment of NEXA Advisors will discuss the arrival of urban air mobility and what cities are doing to prepare their infrastructure for electric vertical flight. In addition, the Composites Education for the Modern Engineer session will bring together representatives from industry and academia to discuss the current state of composites education as well as what the future holds.

Interested in learning more about key topics? CAMX’s tutorials held on Monday, Sept. 23 will provide knowledge from expert instructors in a more intimate classroom setting. The three-hour tutorials will focus on hot industry topics, including fabrication, design, bonding and joining composites, AI in composites, epoxy resin, composite recycling and thermoplastics.

In addition CAMX offers numerous complimentary education sessions to every attendee and exhibitor. This year’s complimentary sessions include:

  • Composites 101
  • Composites 201
  • Advanced Materials Innovation: The Journey from the Lab to the Market
  • Machine Learning Applied to Materials Design
  • Biodegradation of Materials at the Intersection of Field Microbiology, Microbial Physiology and Materials Science
  • Materials for Increasing Efficiency of Future Ground Transportation

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Collaboration at CAMX

CAMX fosters innovation and collaboration each year, and networking is a major benefit to conference attendees. CAMX’s extended network opportunities promise to provide attendees with connections that can last throughout their careers.

“CAMX brings the people with the big ideas together,” says Dobbins. “To see such a diverse group of industry professionals building relationships during this event that they can take with them long after they travel home is not only rewarding, but necessary to grow the industry even further.”

For professionals 35 and under, the Young Professionals Meet-Up on Wednesday, Sept. 25 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. is a great way to connect with other like-minded professionals to gain insights and help navigate the industry. This event is a great way to begin a dialogue with someone outside of your specialty or professional circle, paving the way for new ideas.

Like last year, Innovation Park will be located at the rear of the CAMX exhibit hall. The park is comprised of “zones” that allow for networking, learning and lighthearted competition. Innovation Park’s Connection Zone will have some fun surprises, games and opportunities for friendly competition. Attendees will also find “campfire sessions” on trending topics, including workforce development, knowledge transfer, emerging technologies and global trends. The nearby Presentation Theater will highlight breaking news, special announcements and technical presentations.