Q: Any other parting message?

Dobbins: The composites industry is such a great industry! It starts with products that enable so much good. And because composite products are so innovative, the mindset of the industry is very innovative. We have some very creative problem-solvers in the composites industry.

ACMA is a fabulous organization to represent the industry. A very lucky person is going to succeed me, and I have every expectation that with our crackerjack staff and strong leadership from the board, ACMA will continue to grow and thrive. If the industry stays together, focuses on driving research and development and then works together to open markets – particularly aerospace, automotive, infrastructure and vertical construction – the composites industry will continue to grow way above GDP.

The staff of Composites Manufacturing magazine, and all of ACMA, offer heartfelt thanks to Tom for his unwavering dedication to the organization and its people. While we are assured the association will continue to thrive, we will miss Tom’s upbeat demeanor in the office and wish him the best at the Aluminum Association.