What is the next race you are preparing for?

The next race we have to plan for is the Volvo Ocean Race. So we hope that by the end of next summer there will be some proper 70s being built.

What is the typical timeline to manufacture a racing yacht?

It depends on what you’re building, and the timeline you’ve got to work with. A team is usually talking about the next race as they’re finishing the first. From design to completion, timeline is very important. Often, for Volvo for example, you have a deadline when a race starts and you know how much time you want to sail prior to the race. Generally between races you need at least six months of practice, giving nine months to build a new yacht.

Are there problems that consistently occur because of the timeline?

Inevitably everyone wants more time and tries to squeeze it from the other steps. I think timing issues could be alleviated if getting the material wasn’t so difficult. The material we need isn’t chop strand you can quickly order. There has to be a long lead time for the manufacturer to get what we need, and it’s not always exactly the same material.