Since 1954, LeoVince USA has best been known for its work with motorcycle exhaust fumes and buffers. However, the company is branching out with its new carbon fiber division.

LeoVince had been working with carbon fiber for the past six years, but building an all-carbon muffler for the Kawasaki ZS-6 last year allowed the company to feel confident in manufacturing more individual components. The original part had a compact design, which was difficult to build out of metal into the proper shape they desired. “By using carbon, we were able to get a unique design, get the volume we needed in the shortness of length we had to work with, and have it fit correctly under the bike,” says Executive Vice President Timothy Calhoun.

Calhoun adds that manufacturing with carbon was far less labor-intensive than metal—and that’s just one of the advantages he sees. “Compared to metal, composites are affordable, much better-looking, and tend to make less noise,” he says.

The carbon fiber division will allow LeoVince to manufacture aesthetic and functional motorcycle components for enduro and motor cross bikes. These components include front and rear disc covers, brake caliper guards, chain guides, right/left engine protectors, front sprocket covers and skid plates. The range is being launched with fitments for Honda and Yamaha models, and will later expand to include pieces for Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles.