What are you looking forward to this year and beyond?

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) is interested in working with the architectural community, and has started committees to help gain code and fire approval for composites in the construction industry. It’s been tried since the 1960s, and now that the industry is poised to rapidly build large molds, and we can offer repeated performance in parts using infusion or the prepreg process, we have a better opportunity to compete against existing construction materials. We will be greener as we will use less volume, or mass of material. More and more buildings will be built.

What changes do you predict within construction?

You’ll be able to “bubble” a building and add 15 to 20 percent more usable space onto a skyscraper’s concrete façade by bolting on composite floors. It literally looks like a bubble. Think of the Jetsons. They won’t be square boxes anymore, and you’ll be able to introduce shape to the construction industry economically. That’s the future where I will spend the rest of my career — working with the architectural community so they understand the potential for composites. Construction of buildings is the largest industry in the world and will revolutionize the composites industry, creating many new jobs.