2. Youngstown, Ohio

youngstown-ohioManufacturing contributes to 92.5 percent of the export growth in the Youngstown, Ohio area. In 2010, the export growth rate was the highest in the country at 30.4 percent. This area was hit hard in the early 2000s by the manufacturing recession, but it is climbing back at incredible speeds.

In the local area there are ACMA companies like ACO Polymer Products in Chardon and OMNOVA Solutions in Akron. In neighboring Cleveland, there are four more ACMA members: Architectural Fiberglass, Research Investment, Inc., Roechling Glastic Composites, and Sherwin-Williams.

1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

milwaukee-wisconsinMilwaukee is rated the fasted growing manufacturing city in the U.S. Manufacturing contribution to export growth is 93.3 percent, according to Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, 14 percent of the region’s jobs are in manufacturing.

There are 18 ACMA member companies in the state of Wisconsin and 12 are within the Milwaukee metropolitan area, including:

– Bradley Corporation and Brandt Molded Marble in Menomee Falls,
– Kohler Company in Kohler,
– Composite Rebar Technologies in Madison,
– Fiberdome in Lake Mills,
– Fiber-Tech in Franksville,
– Five Star Fabricating in Twin Lakes,
– InPro Corporation in Muskego,
– Mekco Manufacturing in Cleveland, <won’t open>
– Otto Hopfinger & Sons in Hustisford,
– Specialty Tapes in Franksville,
– and Wisconsin Oven in East Troy.