We used HubSpot to manage the online marketing, content marketing on the website, SEO, e-mail campaigns, blog posts about customer issues, lead nurturing of visitors to the site, and a basic social media strategy along with eliminating an ineffective PPC campaign. MSI grew over 86 percent in the first year and is poised to have a record year this year.

How can manufacturers stay ahead of the inbound marketing curve?

Start building the foundations now. Learn the basic principles. Embrace them and get started. Suggestions I give is to build a great customer focused website, develop strong target personas and understand how people find and consume information about your products and services. It also helps to invest in solid SEO, learn how to create content about your industry for your customers be thinking about marketing first. Take small steps first, but commit to taking them for the long term. Inbound marketing is a process with lots of iterations, tests and evaluations, and learning from feedback loops.