The CRT pads, which can be customized to fit any helmet shape and size, peel from a liner and stick inside helmets. Although they weigh only 2 ounces, athletes who use them say the pads are powerful. “I’ve had professional football players tell me they would’ve quit had it not been for Unequal Technologies and the protection from the pads,” says Vito. “I’ve had letters sent from parents telling me their child isn’t having headaches anymore after their games.”

Vito’s goal when he founded the company in 2008 was to develop technology for new military-grade composites. The 3-layer composite was initially engineered to withstand battlefield conditions faced by armed forces, law enforcement and government agencies. Vito has nearly 70 patents related to the company’s composite-based protection gear for sports and military applications. Currently, Unequal Technologies is redesigning padding for U.S. Army helmets.

“The military has a higher standard of testing when it comes to protection. As a company we always manufacture our products with that standard in mind,” says Vito. “Whether it’s a bullet, a blitz or a baseball, we want to protect users all the same.” He adds that technology originally designed for the battlefield is beginning to make its way into the sports world.

That’s good news for all athletes, from professionals to Pop Warner football players. The Sports Concussion Institute says that five to 10 percent of athletes will experience a concussion in any given sports season. And in 2009, nearly 447,000 sports-related head injuries were treated at hospital emergency rooms, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

With the proper training and protection, Vito believes that injuries can be avoided. He is banking on the EXO Armor and CRT protective lines to be a huge part of the solution.