How Does COMPOSITES Connect You Forward?

You are dealing with the leaders in an industry of technology and no matter what sector you’re dealing with, you will be with all of the world’s leading experts in this industry. You will be able to meet all kinds of people within the industry. Best place to build and network in the world. Trade shows are different then they used to be. You can’t just show up and wait for people to walk up to your booth. The challenge is for people to really understand that networking is the best way to move your business forward.

What should be the main focus for both the exhibitors and the visitors?

Networking is the name of the game. You can network at this show with individuals all over the spectrum of the composites industry. You can deal with producers, suppliers, distribution people and so on. We are in a network world and the people with the best networking will win. And if you want a great network, COMPOSITES is the best place to build that kind of network.

What is the best way for an exhibitor to stand out?

People do business with people they like and they know. You can build a network and gain long-term lasting relationships at an event like COMPOSITES. That’s how you move your personal and professional businesses forward. It’s an old statistic that people go to these shows, get all these leads, and do nothing with them. Well if you get to know three people from a show, send them press releases or articles over time those initial connections you’ve made would significantly boost your company forward. That’s free! You only get that if you build those connections. Most companies do not make the efforts and they don’t work.

Why would an exhibitor want to bring their potential client to COMPOSITES?

I council my clients to invite their costumers or their best prospects to the shows and try to close deals. That way they can demonstrate the quality of their company. I tell them to fill up their breakfast or dinners with client meetings. Tell your story and use it as a way to move forward with your prospects. Those prospects are going to be there so use that time to build relationships. Show that you are confident in your company regardless of then seeing the competition. At this point, they are already aware of who your competition is, so be aggressive! Demonstrate something they’ve never seen before. Go to the show knowing that you have four or five meetings set up regardless of who might come to your booth.