“I’m always looking for new products and materials that will drive new opportunities, and I believe emerging technologies will drive the composites business into the future,” says Robert R. Lacovara, CCM, CCT-I, president of Convergent Composites, a consultancy that provides the composites industry with services and insight. “How can we take the new materials available and be more efficient at manufacturing composites? I’ll be trying to picture the intersection of all these new things coming together.”

Salvatore J. Monte, president of Bayonne, N.J.-based Kenrich Petrochemicals Inc., a COMPOSITES 2013 exhibitor, encourages more attendees to register at www.compositesshow.org. “This is a must-do show if you intend to sell additives to the reinforced thermoset composites industry. We’ll be there, and we look forward to a great show.”

“Attendees are going to come from all around the globe with specific applications, challenges and needs in mind,” says Dustin L. Troutman, director of marketing and product development for Creative Pultrusions. “They’re going to depend on exhibitors for customized answers, and we can’t wait to help them.”