ACMA has had some major accomplishments but there is no time to slow down. Congress must be fully engaged for oversight of the styrene peer review and to take action on long needed regulatory reforms. Likewise, ACMA will need to work with allies in the legislative branch to ensure compliance with the lifecycle requirement for infrastructure and to take advantage of opportunities to introduce and expand the use of composites in this marketplace. In light of coming changes to federal spending, major engagement is even more essential. There are issues every day that impact the composites industry for better or for worse. ACMA must act on these issues.

In 2013 there will be many opportunities for members of the composites industry to get involved in our advocacy program including:

  • Attend Composites Build America National Lobby Day in May in Washington or one of our other legislative fly-ins.
  • Host your Congressional representatives on tours of your plant.
  • Participate in ACMA PAC and the Composites Advocacy Fund.

These are all investments but ones that will pay lasting dividends. While attending COMPOSITES 2013 in Orlando take a few minutes to catch up with a member of the government affairs staff and learn more about these opportunities.

Long-term success can only come from action. ACMA will be fully engaged in 2013 and the commitment of industry professionals to composites advocacy will drive success. The future of your industry is before us – be a part of building it.