Once you feel confident you’ve arrived at the answers that will move your business toward a bright future, make a plan to communicate these to your entire staff. Even if you have a solid vision, you can’t do it alone. To create real momentum, you’ll need everyone working together toward the same goals.

There are many ways you can roll out your company vision. I suggest some combination of the following:

  • Hold a company-wide kick-off meeting to unveil your vision. Make sure to include question-and-answer time to give employees a chance to understand the new vision from all angles.
  • Every 90 days, have a short “state-of-the-company” meeting – no longer than 45 minutes – with all employees to share progress and success stories related to the vision. This also will be a great reality check as to how your company’s vision is working in the real world.
  • Each quarter, conduct a complete review of the eight questions with your leadership team to evaluate your progress and make any necessary mid-course correction.

By creating an inspiring vision to guide your company – and putting in place the right mechanisms to reinforce it over the long-term – you’ll create energy and momentum behind a unified front. This focus will create real results and act as the first step toward securing a strong future for your company.