Business Marketing

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Company Name:
 Beetle Plastics LLC
Headquarters: Ardmore, Okla.
Business Focus: Manufacturer of custom fiberglass pipes, ductwork, tanks and vessels
Employee: 65
Plant Size: 80,000 square feet

 In 2013, Beetle Plastics LLC created a technical paper educating prospects about fiberglass tanks and pipes. Unlike previous technical papers that focused on the products themselves, this one highlighted the corrosion-resistant benefits. Since January, more than 100 people have downloaded the document.

“We only knew a few of these people prior to them finding and downloading the technical paper,” says Matthew Mettry, co-director of the senior management team at Beetle Plastics, Ardmore, Okla. Nearly a year ago, the company was struggling to increase web traffic and generate new customers. That’s changed thanks to a revamped marketing strategy, including online content like the technical paper.

Beetle Plastics is a subsidiary of Midwest Towers Inc., a manufacturer of evaporative water cooling towers. For years, it supplied components for cooling towers sold by its parent company. But in 2012, Larry Brown, president of Beetle Plastics, decided to expand the company’s customer base. To reach new clients, it could no longer rely solely on a traditional marketing approach including attending trade shows, visiting customers and creating product lists.

 So Beetle Plastics purchased a marketing portal with HubSpot, an Internet marketing service company. HubSpot’s software platform features tools designed to help companies attract leads online and convert them into customers. The manufacturer also hired Top Line Results, a marketing firm in Orlando, Fla., to oversee its inbound marketing strategies. With inbound marketing, companies attract the attention of customers using blogs, podcasts, social media marketing, e-newsletters and other content-rich platforms.

“Adding the inbound strategy has allowed us to review and assess how we are marketing and selling to our customers,” says Mettry. The HubSpot software generates a report that displays analytics for all of Beetle Plastics’ inbound marketing efforts. For example, the report can find out which channels – websites, search engines, social media outlets, etc. – are bringing customers to its landing pages.

Inbound marketing has become essential. Prospects go online to research potential vendors: They visit websites, read blogs and do other research to learn about suppliers. Before a company can make the initial contact, prospects have already gathered information and made an impression about the company. Because of this, Beetle Plastics took a proactive approach to increase its overall presence. “We can no longer list our products and services and go search for people we know need them. In the Google age, that doesn’t work,” says Mettry. “We share our case studies, technical papers and brochures with customers through blogs, email and social media.”


Matthew Mettry, co-director of the senior management team at Beetle Plastics LLC, reads a metrics report from HubSpot highlighting all of Beetle Plastics’ online marketing channels.

Beetle Plastics currently has more than 100 blog subscribers and 2,000 contacts that receive blogs and other content updates. For example, instead of simply posting an online catalog that lists the features of a fiberglass tank, the company wrote a blog post explaining how FRP tanks solve problems associated with storing and transporting hydrochloric acid.