After plug construction, which included a very robust substructure, Marine Concepts scheduled the process in minute detail and began building and machining the composite panels. Steel was cut as called for in detailed plans, fabrics were carefully situated, and manifolds and flow medium were put in place. The infusion went smoothly, according to Marine Concepts’ Biddison. Then the pre-cut composite panels were bonded where needed and steel glued on.

When it comes to results, Boston Whaler’s Wachowski says the mold strength matched the analysis and the weight was right on target. As for the future, this project will help Boston Whaler build even bigger boats. “What we have learned on this project can be easily transferred to other tools where weight is a critical parameter,” Wachowski says. Biddison adds that the expertise gained also will likely transfer to other light weight mold requirements customers in other market segments may encounter.