The poster session at CAMX 2014 served as a shining example of the result of top-notch composites education. More than two dozen poster displays highlighted pioneering research conducted by students on university campuses worldwide. The projects encompass topics ranging from improved epoxy systems to sensors for in-the-field damage monitoring.

5. Going Green

“People are ready now to embrace biocomposites,” says Joe Luttwak, founder of Lingrove. The company supplied the ekoa flax/bioresin prepreg for the Blackbird ukulele that won the Innovation in Green Composites Design ACE Award. (Visit to see all the ACE and CAMX Award winners.)

While the ukulele was a high-profile example of biocomposites at CAMX, it was by no means the only green application touted at the show. More than 40 educational sessions were dedicated to green composites. Topics included natural fiber technologies, FRP and carbon fiber recycling, alternative energy markets, biopolymers, life cycle analysis, sustainable design and more.

“Today’s composite designers should consider how they can enable sustainable solutions that will allow their product to shine and generate sustainable actions – lightweighting, durability, corrosion resistance and more,” says Gale Tedhams, director of sustainability for Owens Corning, who led off the session “Designing for Composites Sustainability.”

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