In January, ACMA published Understanding Prop 65: For Composites Manufacturers – a 10-page document that provides critical background on Prop 65, information on compliance and enforcement, best practices to manage risk and answers to frequently asked questions. To supplement the document, ACMA held a webinar outlining the basics of Prop 65. The document and webinar are now available at no charge to ACMA members online at

Additionally, ACMA members can receive a technical report that describes the results of a study measuring the amounts of styrene contained in a range of composite products. It also estimates the amount of exposure product users and consumers could expect from those products. Composites manufacturers that decide not to provide warnings to consumers in California may be able to respond to Prop 65 enforcement action by using measurements of residual styrene as illustrated in the study.

Some composites manufacturers are providing consumers and customers with warnings to avoid the risk of costly litigation. To take advantage of the Prop 65 warning safe harbor that protects against enforcement, warnings need to comply with OEHHA’s Article 6 regulation. The Article 6 requirements change on Sept. 1, 2018. More information about Article 6 is available for ACMA members at