In addition, the Senate’s energy package included language directing federal funding and focus on carbon fiber recycling. ACMA is working with Senate energy leaders to essentially double the scope of this effort to include glass fiber composites recycling as well

High-Performance Composites

This year, ACMA has begun a concentrated effort to grow our footprint and impact in high-performance markets. While aerospace and automotive OEMs have increased their use of composites in recent years, plenty of work remains. The unique performance capabilities of composites make our products ideal for use in the most demanding strategic federal assets. The Trump Administration and congressional leaders have committed to modernizing and improving America’s military capabilities in the coming years, making now a prime opportunity to engage.

Similarly, as the government considers fuel efficiency requirements for automobiles and trucks, the composites industry has an important story to tell about our ability to lightweight cars for fuel efficiency without compromising performance and safety.

To drive success in ACMA’s efforts in these areas, we encourage you to participate in our inaugural Transportation and Defense Policy Fly-In – Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Visit for more information.

Leverage ACMA to be Your Own Best Advocate

Simply put, ACMA exists to make your life as a business leader a little easier by tackling issues beyond the scope of any one company. Our compliance tools exist to make it easier for you to focus on profits instead of problems. We engage federal and state legislators and regulators to fight the fights and solve the issues that are too complex to handle on your own.

But it’s up to you to leverage ACMA’s work for your company. Take advantage of our compliance tools at and join your colleagues as a composites advocate by participating in our fly-ins and working with us to host a congressional plant tour.

Being a member of ACMA assures that you have access to all of the association’s guidance on regulatory items and have the information you need to stay up to date on issues affecting your business, as well as have the opportunity to influence how ACMA advocates for the industry. Opportunities for composites are out there. It’s up to all of us to work together to grab them. We’re all in to build a stronger industry. Are you?