The Relationship Curve

Many people who look to build social media presences often fixate over numbers like Twitter follower counts, YouTube subscribers and Facebook likes. While impressive statistics may boost your company’s digital prestige, they do not substantively mean anything to your business if you are not moving people up what Randall Craig, a management consultant and author of “Online PR and Social Media for Experts,” calls the “relationship curve.”

“There’s all kinds of really good social media people that compile these [statistics] on a monthly basis and say, ‘Look, our numbers are increasing,’” says Craig. “But we’re more concerned in social media about engagement.”

As Craig explains, as businesses develop greater relationships with their prospective and existing clients, eventually those clients will become increasingly loyal and more likely to make a purchase. The relationship curve outlines four stages of the “customer journey” a client experiences on social media: awareness, preference, trial and commitment. According to “The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics” from HubSpot, 47 percent of buyers view three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative.

However, Craig believes companies should not jump straight into content sharing. Instead, companies should use three successive techniques to move clients up the relationship curve. The first technique is listening, which entails uncovering your industry’s specific social media landscape. Where are your customers and potential leads? Where are your competitors? Where are your industry’s key influencers most active, and how do they communicate?

After a business has a detailed grasp of its social media landscape, Craig says, it can start the second step – broadcasting. This involves using social media to repurpose existing content from a newsletter, website or any other content platform. The last technique is engagement: facilitating conversations between your company and target stakeholders.

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