Q: So how do you overcome the challenges?

A: I think it all starts with communication. If there is clarity in the discussion about costs versus benefits, advantages versus challenges, then people can get aligned on paths forward, if that is the decision that makes the most sense for people. Without that clarity in communication, it’s hard to know where to begin – for anybody.

Q: What can the composites industry, as a whole, do to further composites usage within the architecture segment?

A: From my perspective as an architect, I think that what people need to see is the potential design opportunities that composites provide. The most resonant message is an image that expands their idea of what is possible and entices them to begin the process of discovery on their own. That is why I’m writing a book about composites that is geared toward designers, architects and the more general public, featuring buildings that use composites by world famous architects. My hope is that it goes a long way toward clarifying and elucidating the potential for composites in architecture.