GEORGE® is the first professional carbon fiber armature for stop motion animation. Created for professional use, GEORGE® applies the most advanced composite material technology with joints made of carbon fiber and ultra-compact stainless steel. The extremely light, yet strong structure guarantee the highest level of reliability.

GEORGE® is strong, has maximum fluidity of movement, and maintains mobility over time and during filming, with great versatility and modularity of parts. The joints are made from carbon fiber and ultra-compact stainless steel, offering fluidity of movement with adjustable friction.

The rapid attachment system used for the limbs and neck allows changes to the hands, feet and head while maintaining the same body. The limbs are easily removed and replaced. Three versions of the upper torso are available, made completely from carbon fiber, including one version with an improved reinforced section for shoulder joints and another with a special dynamic neck. The feet, made of carbon fiber and a ball made of carbon or stainless steel, allow for angulation and joint and ankle movement.

See GEORGE® put to use HERE.