Revved frames are fused during a 30-minute cycle, saving both time and money in production.

Revved Carbon Technology, which has been in development and testing at Guerrilla Gravity (GG) for the last three years, combines an innovative, patent-pending manufacturing process and carbon fiber material to create the next generation of mountain bikes.

Riders have traditionally chosen GG bikes for durability, customizability, and the cost advantage provided by aluminum and steel manufacturing. The team at GG wanted to design and manufacture a mountain bike that blended the best qualities of aluminum and steel with the best qualities of carbon fiber.  What developed is Revved Carbon Technology.

According to the GG team, compared to the leading types of traditional carbon fiber material, Revved’s material is over 300% more impact resistant, yet matches the strength and stiffness of the traditional materials due to continuous-fiber composition.

Production time and costs are cut significantly using Revved Carbon Technology.  GG reports that Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), using their exclusive Framemaker 3000, reduces labor time by approximately 80% while also ensuring consistent quality.  Unlike traditional carbon fiber frames that are cured in a 2-4 hour cycle, Revved frames are fused during a 30-minute cycle.

The post-mold surface finish requires 90% less sanding and finishing work as compared to the traditional carbon fiber manufacturing process.  Also, Revved frames can use a powder coat finish that is more durable than the wet-paint finish of the traditional frames.