For the team at JD Composites, the sustainable design of the house is just the first step toward a larger goal. According to Saulnier, the four major companies creating the insulating foam are using approximately 0.004% of the PET-based products available. The way he sees it, “If 600,000 bottles are in one house, what if we could build 10,000 homes?”

It’s a big dream, but one that may not take long to realize. From concept to finished house, it took the JD Composites team just under a year to construct the house. Before putting it on the market, the builders are considering turning it into an Airbnb experience where anyone can see the benefits. In the meantime, Saulnier and German are already on to the next step.

In some ways the new project – an 11 x 11-foot public restroom at the beach – is a small undertaking. But in other ways, it’s a huge step. It will be the first municipal building in Canada built out of 100% recycled PET plastic.

While the team is exploring more bio-based materials for future iterations, Saulnier is firm that he wouldn’t change the core material. “We did our homework, and we chose wisely in recycled PET,” he says. “The material really came through for us.”