Renault introduced the Megane RS Trophy-R, a race-prepared vehicle, equipped with one-piece Carbon Revolution carbon fiber wheels among other improvements in lightweighting and aerodynamics.

Based on the Megane RS Trophy, the ‘R’ version is more of a racing vehicle, built with the same 300hp engine but with enhanced aerodynamics and a significant weight reduction of up to 130kg (excluding options).  With a total weight of only 1,306kg, the vehicle boasts a power to weight ratio of 4.35 kg / hp.  The light weight adds power and improves the car’s agility and performance.

Carbon Revolution’s CR-9 carbon fiber wheels were a component in the overall weight loss program. Carbon Revolution, based in Victoria, Australia, manufactures the world’s only mass-produced one-piece carbon fiber wheel.  The wheel presents as a lightweight product with unmatched levels of rigidity while offering fuel savings, improved steering precision, and superior braking and suspension performance compared to conventional aluminum wheels.

The new carbon-fiberglass composite bonnet with NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) air intake contributes significantly to the lightweighting of the Megane RS Trophy-R.  The carbon fiber rear diffuser added to the weight loss as well.  The CR-9 carbon fiber wheels offer a weight loss of 2kg each.  Extra weight has also been lost from the air intakes, the exhaust line, and the lightweight rear axle, where 38 kg has been saved by adopting a non-directional option.

The result of the advanced engineering and lightweighting program was proven at Nordschleife motorsports complex, where the Megane RS Trophy-R posted a front-wheel-drive production car record-setting time of 7’40”100 on the 20.6km (12.8-mile) lap, and a 7’45”389 reference time on the entire official lap.

The Megane RS Trophy-R will be available at the end of 2019 as a limited edition of a few hundred units.