Making a Difference

As the country grapples with the ongoing pandemic and how to safely return to life’s daily activities, composites companies continue to think of ways they can help. Recently, A&P designed anti-abrasive sneeze guards that companies can place on desks and counters to protect staff and customers from germs. The ¼-inch thick acrylic sneeze guards, which the company branded IgGY Guards in a nod to immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies, are available in 46 x 36-inch rectangular sheets or 31 x 44.5-inch curved sheets, as well as custom sizes.

No matter the product, from simple face masks to large isolation booths, employees appreciate being able to contribute during these unprecedented times. “This pandemic has created a lot of stress and uncertainty. People feel powerless and don’t know what they can do about it,” says Bridge. “If you can give employees something tangible, where they can pitch in and help a local hospital or other organization, that helps take some of the stress away. They are making a difference where they can.”

Thank you notes and emails, particularly from frontline healthcare professionals, confirm that composites companies are indeed making a difference. One registered nurse from Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati summed it up in a note to A&P Technology: “I have so much gratitude to your company for deciding that you wanted to help in the battle we healthcare workers are fighting against the pandemic. Your efforts make us feel a little safer and protected.”