Bestbath: Listening Closely

Multanen says Bestbath’s customers are their No. 1 resource. “We think we know how to solve our customers’ issues, but the reality is it’s the general contractors and architects who are truly dealing with funky drain locations, interesting plumbing or local codes,” she says. “They tell us about their unique needs, then we can provide solutions for those issues.”

The job of listening to customers – truly listening – begins with the sales force. Bestbath has 27 employees in its sales department, 13 of whom are outside sales representatives. As employees of the company, rather than contracted salespeople, they have a vested interest in building relationships with customers. “Our sales reps connect with customers in a powerful way, and they are connected back to the company at large,” says Multanen. “They have the time, the directive and the desire to ask their customers important questions. And they have the time, directive and desire to pass that information back to us.”


Bestbath has developed a built-to-order Bestbuilt manufacturing process to ensure that customers’ requirements are met on every order. It begins with the client working side-by-side with sales reps on product specifications, then goes through design and production, with a series of quality assurance checkpoints along the way. Created with the customer in mind, the process helps reduce the chance of mistakes, accommodates changes during design, allows for shorter lead times and provides clients real-time information on when orders are being built and will be shipped.

Another example of Bestbath’s dedication to customers is its commitment to sharing knowledge. “We have worked hard during our 50-plus years in business to truly be experts in the shower industry,” says Multanen. “We do a lot of webinars and white papers that provide useful, important content for potential customers.”

Photo Credit: Bestbath

Webinars cover topics ranging from design trends in single family housing to building code compliance. The white papers present specific projects with architects, builders, general contractors and plumbers. For example, one white paper discusses a new trench drain gate Bestbath developed for showers in Sunrise Senior Living facilities across the U.S. based on extensive conversations with the client. “Some of the things they wanted re-tooled and some of the design elements they requested were not special to them,” says Multanen. “These are things that other people in senior housing are concerned about.” By sharing project details in the white paper, Bestbath can help others seeking similar solutions.