LOOK’s new T20 Track Bike is focused on the combined athlete and bike interaction, the result of years of work to build expertise in the use of carbon fiber and composite materials.

LOOK has won the most medals in track cycling, the fastest of all the cycling events, in the history of the summer Olympic games, and the new LOOK T20 plans to continue that success. LOOK implemented composites into track bikes when metal was the standard, refining the carbon lay-up for each area of the bike to maximize aerodynamism, lightness, rigidity and superb traction.

Aerodynamics and stiffness are critical in track bikes, allowing the athlete’s power to propel the bike. The carbon fiber design of the T20 achieved significant increases in stiffness when compared to the traditional R96 model.

  • Bottom bracket: 25% stiffer than R96
  • Rear triangle: 12,5% stiffer than R96
  • Head tube: 12% stiffer than R96

The stiffness-to-weight ratio is a primary concern of both LOOK and the athletes. The composite materials used in the T20 also achieved great success in this area. Athletes will gain 30 Watts when cycling at full speed, a full bike-length in the 200m sprint.

  • 11% reduction in drag
  • 10% lighter than its predecessor
  • 27% increase in power transfer

LOOK even worked to lightweight the pedals and the wheels of the T20. The new pedal includes the best of LOOK’s KEO BLADE CARBON pedal and adds the new feature of being designed without a strap, using a control roller below the blade. The weight is reduced by 15% compared to pedals with straps. The T20 also features LOOK high-end carbon wheels by CORIMA, a rear-disc wheel, and a 5-spoke front wheel.

The T20 meets the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) minimum weight of 6,8kg, unmatched in the track.