Kreysler & Associates supplied fiber-reinforced polymer sunshades for the retrofit of a San Francisco office building, providing a balance of aesthetics, function, and constructability.

As mid-century office buildings fall into disrepair, many are demolished and replaced by new, more energy-efficient structures. The building at 633 Folsom in San Francisco’s South Market met a different fate when owners realized that it was time for some major updating.

Along with adding five floors to the northeast half of the structure to boost the overall square footage of the building and a redesign to better feature the lobby and retail space on the ground floor, designers from Gensler, an architecture firm with vast experience in building retrofits, wanted to address shading, natural lighting and environmental performance for the building. Gensler, working with Atelier Ten environmental design consultants, called on Kreysler & Associates, known for work with architects and engineers using composite materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to address complex construction challenges, for fiber-reinforced polymer sunshade hoods for the exterior of the building.