The new LeMond ebike, Prolog, is easy to handle and maneuver at only 26 pounds. The extreme lightweight is thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber in almost every element of the vehicle.

The Prolog features a carbon fiber frame and fork, fenders, seatpost, rear rack and front basket. A carbon-fiber monocoque handlebar-stem includes an integrated 500 lumen headlight for excellent visibility. Taillights are embedded, providing exceptional rider visibility to others on the road.

Developed with partner Munich Composites, an upgraded version of the ebike also offers the LeMond LC30 wheel rim, a low weight rim made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber built for the wide tubeless tires, the LeMond / Panaracer Gravelking Slick+. The wide tires allow a fill to a lower pressure, offering a more comfortable ride.