RENCO spent more than a decade on research, development and extensive evaluation and testing to secure IBC and IRC approval on its composite LEGO-like building blocks.

RENCO’s proprietary Mineral Composite Fiber-Reinforced (MCFR) material is formed of repurposed glass fibers, recycled plastic, resin, and limestone fused with a methyl methacrylate bonding agent. The resulting material is economical and quick to produce and leaves a reduced carbon footprint when compared to traditional construction materials and projects. The advanced composite material is resistant to water, fire, mold, and is rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

The compression molded MCFR blocks are available for residential building (6-inches by 8-inches in heights up to 30-inches) or commercial projects (8-inches by 8-inches in heights up to 32-inches).

An entire structure can be built using RENCO’s interlocking composite pieces including walls built from structure building blocks to composite decking used for flooring. Additional components include composite roof trusses and sheathing. Color-coded plans help limit construction waste and save time as well as reducing labor costs for specialized assembly workers.

Upon winning BLT Built Design Awards 2023 Best Construction Product Design, RENCO co-founder Thomas P. Murphy, Jr. said, “We are honored and humbled to be recognized on a global scale for our mission to launch a simpler way to build to address the impacts of climate change and the affordable housing crisis.” Murphy added, “The construction industry has never seen anything like RENCO before. For the past 100 years, we’ve always built with concrete, wood and steel. RENCO is a breakthrough in construction technology because it is stronger, easier to build with and uses recycled materials.”