Many cyclists can attest that bike seats are often uncomfortable, but few have patented their own solution to the problem. Jeri Rutherford of RideOut Technologies became inspired on a long bike ride to create a better seat, found her solution in carbon fiber and Kevlar.

Rutherford worked with a welder on more than 50 prototypes over nearly five years, always getting closer to her ideal seat. “I could see the bike seat I really wanted,” Rutherford says. “I wanted a bike seat that could be flexible and move with my body.”

The final bike seat design uses infused carbon fiber leaf spring suspension in the base plate that allows the seat to absorb more of the impact from bumps in the road, instead of the biker’s back. The seats themselves are covered in Kevlar side panels that can withstand more abuse, and the rear of the seat has 3M fabrics sewn into it to increase visibility. It’s also lighter than traditional bike seats.

Most of RideOut’s seats cost upwards of $80 or $90, but Rutherford says that the extra cost is worth the quality of the product. Rutherford’s work has paid off – professional bikers, police departments and doctors all swear by her seat design.