Wing-in Ground (WIG) combines marine and aviation design to utilize Ground Effect (GE) —the energy conserving aerodynamic phenomenon of increased lift and a decrease in the induced drag that is generated by an aircraft’s wings when flying close to a flat surface like the ground or water. The lift coefficient creates a floating effect. 

The structure of AirX’s AirFish 8, a 10-seat WIG marine craft, is built of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials for lightweighting and strength. The V8, 500 HP engine runs on 95 Octane automotive-grade unleaded gasoline and the aerodynamic forces generated by GE save fuel during high-speed travel allowing a range of approximately 300 nautical miles. AirFish 8 will operate at a height of up to 7m with a maximum speed of 106 knots and a cruising speed of approximately 80 knots. 

AirX and Bureau Veritas are partnering to classify and certify AirFish 8. 

Jeffrey Lam, President of Commercial Aerospace at ST Engineering, said, “In our pioneering journey to commercialize the world’s first WIG craft, we have chosen to partner with Bureau Veritas to classify and certify our AirFish Wing-in-Ground solution. This is a significant milestone in realizing the huge potential of Wing-in-Ground technology in areas such as maritime transportation, and the delivery of para-public and logistics services. We look forward to working with Bureau Veritas to establish new standards in innovation and safety, with a technology that is set to revolutionize maritime transportation.”