Nanni would like to see technical organizations in the FRP composites industry reinvent their role. He proposes that these organizations can play a heretofore unexplored role of protagonist in the education arena as well as coordinate research and standardization at a national or global scale. As an example, he referred to the transformative “Vision 2020, a Vision for the Concrete Repair, Protection and Strengthening Industry,” a plan developed by an inter-industry strategic development council to support the concrete industry’s strategic needs.

Discoveries and deployment of the last quarter century have made FRP composites for construction a reality that’s here to stay. The industry is beyond infancy, and composites are moving from an outsider role to that of an insider. Still, Nanni sees composites infrastructure designers and engineers as “visionaries and innovators at heart,” championing transformation of some of the practices within the broader construction industry it is a part of.