Dutch firm Studio OBA has designed “Prenuptial Housing” – a floating home that splits in two in the event its owners decide to get a divorce. When couples feel they are drifting apart, the house initiates a “break up,” by detaching the two units which then go solo on the water.

During construction, the house would be prefabricated and be made with lightweight carbon fiber elements and a semi-transparent layer of wood.

“The units are initially (pre)fabricated as independent carbon fiber units for which we designed a simple solid connecting system; detaching this system means unlocking the connection and requires no unique tools,” Studio OBA founder Xander den Duijn said to Daily Mail. “The units should (dis)connect without much effort. Though this is part of the design that is still under development.”

Omar Kbiri, co-founder of Maak, came up with the idea for the home while looking for a new home with his girlfriend. Kbiri believes that the increasing number of divorces every year makes the concept painfully relevant and necessary. He likes that with this concept, a couple doesn’t need to relocate after a break-up.

According to Vincent Ringoir, who runs Studio OBA with den Duijn and Gerben van den Oever, it was a challenge to design a house that consists of two independent units that appear to be one.

“The biggest challenge was to search for a geometrical shape that is easy to connect, looks like one house when connected, but remains aesthetic when it becomes separated,” Ringoir said.

Daily Mail says Studio OBA hopes to build the prototype in the near future and open orders by early 2017.