Lexus, a division of Toyota Motor Corporation, launched its new 42-foot Sport Yacht Concept at Di Lido Island on Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, Fla.

Lexus’ Marine Department selected the Marquis-Carver Yacht Group of Pulaski, Wisc., based on their in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities and their skill in large, hand-laid composite structures.

According to Lexus, the design of the Sport Yacht concept seamlessly bonds the upper deck and outer around the yacht’s inner structure. Each piece is a single large hand-laid composite of two-part polyurethane epoxy resin reinforced with hand-laid woven carbon fiber. Lexus notes that CFRP is used in its racecars and supercars like the 553-horsepower Lexus LFA.

Lexus says the Sport Yacht concept’s unique CFRP construction saves nearly 2,200 pounds compared to similarly-made yachts with other materials. It adds that the yacht’s underwater hull design can reduce resistance or drag and improve handling balance at high speeds.

The yacht is powered by twin 5.0-liter V8 gasoline engines based on the 2UR-GSE high-performance engine of the Lexus RC F coupe, the GS F sport sedan and the new LC 500 grand tourer. Each engine produces 440 horsepower, driving the yacht at speeds up to 49 mph (43 knots) through a pair of hydraulically controlled inboard/outboard stern-drives. A bow-thruster with joystick control aids in docking.

Lexus notes that as a concept, the yacht is a bespoke one-off project with no production intent. However, the yacht serves as another example of Toyota’s increased expansion into marine design with composites. Last year, Toyota unveiled its Toyota-28 concept boat, which features hybrid hull combining carbon fiber, fiberglass and aluminum. It also released the Ponam-28V, made with a similar hull construction, which will be sold through a network of 50 companies in Japan.