Aside from events, ACMA has done seminal work on codes and standards. More than two dozen standards have been launched, not all during my time. The recently completed Load Resistance Factor Design Standard for Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Structures was a million-dollar-plus standards project. We’ve also launched a statistics program, achieved numerous legislative successes through our government affairs program and much more.

All of these successes are indicative of one truism: The brand of ACMA has grown tremendously over the past few years. Companies look to us as thought leaders – to understand where markets are going, where opportunities are and what best practices are out there.

Q: As the search committee recruits for your successor, what message do you have for ACMA members?

Dobbins: ACMA has accomplished a lot, and it’s not because of any one person – no chairman, no committee chair, no staff person. Yes, one member of the team is moving on. But the sign of great teams is they can have people leave and bring in others and the team continues to be successful. Thanks to our board, ACMA has a clear vision of where we need to go and a strong strategic plan for how to get there. Through the work of our committees and staff, we have a strong operational plan to execute on the vision for the organization. We’ve got a top-notch search committee put together by ACMA Chair Scott Balogh with members of the executive committee. Because ACMA is considered such a plum job in Washington, there will be a bevy of really good candidates coming forward.

Q: What are your fondest memories of serving as president of ACMA?

Dobbins: My fondest memories involve people. They center around time shared with board members who are passionate about this organization, with committee volunteers who labor – sometimes in obscurity – to help grow this industry and with staff colleagues working toward delivering on the vision that our leadership has for ACMA.

A lot of that culminates in our annual awards ceremony. In particular, I think last year’s ceremony was very meaningful to everybody when we recognized the pioneers of this industry in addition to our Lifetime Achievement Award, Hall of Fame Award and Outstanding Volunteer Award winners. When we step back and recognize those who have contributed to the growth of this very important industry, it’s so gratifying. It was also gratifying that John Busel, vice president of the Composites Growth Initiative, received the Hall of Fame Award. The entire staff is proud that one of our own was given such a prestigious award.