The Lunar Project is based on an old KTM 250 GS motorbike.  Carboni e Metalli designers combined the vintage details of the legendary bike such as a steel frame and a powerful 2-stroke engine with cutting-edge advanced materials and technologies.  Carbon fiber composites and additively manufactured parts were used in structural applications such as a carbon fiber subframe. The world’s first carbon fiber and 3D printed titanium swingarm is another highlight of The Lunar Project. Aluminum front fork mounts were also 3D printed.

Upon being awarded WILDAYS 2019 (Varano de Melegari, Italy) Best of Show Award, Michele Antolotti, the other co-founder of the company, said, “This project is a statement, we wanted to show that even a mature product such a motorcycle can be innovated by applying space-related technologies and design freedom. The technological return from the Apollo program was huge, and we felt the urge to do our part in celebrating the greatest conquer in the history of mankind now that we stand at the dawn of a new era of space explorations. Winning the Best of Show Award came unexpected and motivates us to the next steps.”