Alfa Romeo’s 2020 Giulia GTA has an excellent weight-to-power ratio thanks to a total weight reduction of 220 pounds achieved by the adoption of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber for the driveshaft, hood, roof, front bumper and more.

Alfa Romeo is celebrating its 110th anniversary by reintroducing its classic Giulia GTA, inspired by the 1965 Giulia GTA Gran Turismo Alleggerita. Alleggerita means lightened in Italian, and this version of the Giulia GTA takes that term to heart by implementing carbon fiber and other composite components to lightweight the vehicle throughout.

Aerodynamics were key to the engineers of the Giulia and the team implemented knowledge gained from Formula 1 in designing the car. The central exhaust system is integrated in the carbon fiber rear diffuser and on the GTAm model a larger front splitter and a carbon fiber rear wing optimize the aerodynamics.