The Rodeo is based around RUF’s carbon-fiber chassis, which has been used in Ruf’s CTR and SCR models, but the Rodeo monocoque is reinforced by an integrated roll cage. The RUF-designed naturally aspirated flat-six engine provides 510 horsepower and sends that power to all four wheels.  A long-travel suspension and all-terrain Michelin tires help make off-road driving easier and smoother.

RUF has not committed to moving the Rodeo into production, waiting to see how the concept is received.  If moved into production, the Rodeo will be priced in the high six-figures.

The RUF SCR model is available with a four-liter flat-six engine that also provides 510 horsepower. The SCR is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle with a seven-speed manual gearbox. The weight is just 2,775 pounds, thanks to the carbon fiber chassis. The SCR costs about $800,000.