The Redtail Rooftop Camper is a state-of-the-art carbon fiber tent/camper hybrid offering the freedom of a rooftop tent with the security and amenities of a hard-sided camper.

Redtail Overland’s new Redtail Rooftop Camper (RTC) features three hard sides between an insulated carbon fiber floor and roof.  With the push of a button, the hinged walls fold in on themselves in 30 seconds, and the design eliminates the typical use of canvas on the door with the installation of sliding polycarbonate windows with screens.

The Redtail RTC also features modern conveniences of up to 330 watts of solar power provided by rooftop solar panels, up to 60-amp hour lithium battery bank and a diesel heater. The solar and battery package allows the camper to operate completely independent of the vehicle and means that there are no wires to deal with when installing the RTC. These features add weight to the camper, but much of that is offset by the carbon fiber structure.