There will be two models of the RTC available. The Redtail 90 sleeps two adults and is designed for mid-size SUVs and beyond. When closed, the Redtail 90 measures 90” x 56” x 10” and opened it measures 90” x 56” x 60” with 82” x 53” x 57” of living space. The 90 weighs only 190 pounds. The Redtail 110 has room for two adults and two kids and is best suited for pickup trucks, vans, and adventure trailers. The 110 measures 110” x 60” x 10” when closed and 110” x 60” x 65.5” when open with 101” x 57” x 62” of living space and weighs in at only 250 pounds. The Redtail 110 is $25,000 and the Redtail 90 is $20,000.

Co-founder and CEO of Redtail, Ty Tatro, said, “At Redtail, we strive to create the ultimate user experience by combining intuitive functionality, the highest quality components, and cutting-edge features and style. The Redtail RTC was created with this philosophy in mind and we believe it’s truly something special.”

Every Redtail Overland product is built-to-order and is manufactured in-house in the company’s Colorado facility.