The AMB 001 motorcycle by Aston Martin and Brough Superior, featuring a carbon fiber tank, fin, body panels, and more, is undergoing dynamic prototype testing at a racetrack in France.

The AMB 001 is a lightweight and powerful sports motorcycle concept with a structural carbon fiber body. All of the components have been specially designed using the best processes and materials available, including carbon fiber and titanium. The motorcycle is currently undergoing testing at the Pau-Arnos racetrack in France.

The AMB 001’s chassis is built with a structural carbon fiber rear subframe and machined titanium supports, providing needed stiffness without adding significant weight. The design of the carbon fiber fin, based on the side strike on Aston Martin cars, runs along the side of the carbon fiber tank, then passes under the saddle to create a flowing form. The body panels on the bike are all manufactured from carbon fiber, minimizing the weight and adding strength.

Featuring a powerful turbo-charged output of 134 kW (180 hp), the AMB 001 weighs only 180 kilos (dry weight) thanks to the lightweight design elements.