Featuring panels made from sustainable, natural, woven flax composites and an all-electric drivetrain, the Volta Zero electric truck is a clean, efficient way for logistics companies to transport goods.

Volta Trucks is designing the prototype of an all-electric truck, the Volta Zero, which will meet the company’s goal of providing the delivery industry a low emission, more sustainable option for trucks used in urban settings.

The Volta Zero is being designed with carbon-neutral flax and biodegradable resin composites that were developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency. Bcomp’s patented powerRibs™ grid technology, which reinforces the company’s ampliTex™ flax fiber technical fabric, matches the stiffness and weight of carbon fiber but uses 75% less CO2 to produce. The flax mat is combined with Bamd’s biodegradable, rape seed oil-based resin to produce the exterior body panels for the truck. The powerRibs™ and ampliTex™ composite body panels are flexible and bend, providing additional safety factors should an accident occur.