Diamond Aircraft introduced the new 5-seat all carbon fiber DA50 RG airplane, outfitted with retractable gear and powered by a 300hp Continental CD-300 jet fuel engine.

Luxury, safety, fuel efficiency and lower emissions, and performance are the highlights of the DA50 RG, the new all carbon fiber airplane from Diamond Aircraft.

Liqun Zhang, CEO Diamond Aircraft Austria, explained, “We are very excited to be presenting the DA50 RG to the market. She is offering so much – space, efficiency, luxury, comfort, safety, and retractable gear on a single piston aircraft that will make everyone really stand out. Plus, the extra benefits of operating a jet fuel powered aircraft – much lower emissions compared to leaded and even low leaded aviation fuels and saving many gallons of fuel and money due to excellent fuel efficiency. We are convinced that our all-new DA50 RG will be the new star on the piston single market for private pilots needing more seats and space and charter operators looking for a low-cost alternative.”