The name of the brand, ALIENO, is derived from an Italian word meaning alien.

Encho Enchev, chief design officer of ALIENO and chief designer of the ARCANUM, said all-electric hypercar, said, “This version of the interior of ALIENO ARCANUM is an extension of the car’s exterior. The shapes complement each other, and the same visual language is used and transferred inside, forming a symbiosis between the elements. We want our customers to feel like they are in the cockpit of a spaceship, which the car resembles, given the technologies built into it.”

The interior of the ARCANUM features racing seats designed with ALIENO pre-preg carbon Kevlar that are electrically adjustable and are covered with memory foam, leather, and Alcantara. An ALIENO quick-release, pre-preg carbon Kevlar racing type steering wheel with a fully electrically adjustable memory robotic steering column and robotic pedal box, as well as ALIENO robotic power steering with variable ratio and speed sensitivity are other high-tech features of the hypercar.

The ALIENO ARCANUM also has two ALIENO robotic pre-preg carbon Kevlar butterfly wing doors, that provide easy access to the car’s interior.