Truckhouse’s BCT is a Toyota Tacoma reimagined into a mid-sized expedition vehicle composed of a carbon fiber reinforced house and featuring off-road specs.

The BCT is self-contained. In the past, due to the Tacoma’s midsize payload, to convert the popular truck to a camper, choices were limited to pop-up camper toppers or tents. A single-piece carbon fiber reinforced composite house manufactured using state-of-the-art vacuum infusion processes tops the BCT. Truckhouse worked diligently to assure that the BCT’s exterior design flows perfectly with the Tacoma’s lines.

In explaining the design process, TruckHouse COO and cofounder Nicolo Monforte said, “We started by breaking down what the perfect overland camping experience was to us, and from there we built the most capable and livable vehicle we could imagine. We selected the Toyota Tacoma for its modest size, maneuverability, and proven longevity. We then built a carbon fiber-reinforced composite house to match everything we love about the truck and its utility.”

Other features in the housing of the BCT include a torsion-free mounting system and a rooftop solar array.  The interior provides sleeping accommodations for 4 adults, a complete galley, and a wet bath. The interior standing height is 6’ 3-1/2”.

The reinforced chassis of the vehicle has been upgraded to support the payload with a custom rear axle, custom tuned shock absorbers, and a boxed and gusseted frame. The Tacoma truck is also outfitted with re-geared differentials to increase low-end torque, and with four-wheel braking.

As for power and fuel, the BCT’s solar panels and the truck’s alternator feed the lithium battery bank providing 500 amp-hours of usable power.

The BCT will be available on a made-to-order basis, with an introductory base price of $285,000. Truckhouse plans to start limited production in February 2021.